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Gerald Brettman

Founder and CEO
Firm's founder and CEO, brings over 30 years of experience and holds two of the top three coveted financial designations: CPA & CFP®. Holds a BD in Science in business from Berkeley University of Boston and a Master in Financial Engineering from Harvard University, which gives him superior perspective to lead the company.

Louis Kaufmanh

Louis serves as a Wealth Advisor to our clients. His primary focus is manage investments and tax efficiency. He leverages his extensive experience to deliver consistent, sound advice. Holds a B.S. in Management Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an M.S. in Accounting from Memphis University.

Karolyn Sanderson

Director of Finance Operations - CPA, CFP.
Karolyn is an expert in financial and business operations, she provides comprehensive financial planning and portfolio management services. Karolyn counsels clients in managing cash flows, tax planning, wills, planning for retirement, and insurance needs analysis. Holds CPA and CFP certification designations.



Financial Planning

We start with your goal—the reason you're investing. Then, we make various recommendations: risk level, amount to invest, and type of account.
This type of personalized strategy is called "goal-based investing," and research shows it improves outcomes by encouraging optimal behavior and more precise wealth management.

Tax Coordinated Portfolio

Increase your portfolio value by an estimated 15% over 30 years.
Tax-Coordinated Portfolio optimizes and automates a strategy called asset location. It starts by placing your assets that will be taxed highly in your IRAs, which have big tax breaks. Then, it places your lower-taxed assets in your taxable accounts.


Full visibility, total control.
Create multiple goals tailored to each beneficiary, automate cash transfers for beneficiaries on a custom schedule, and manage different trust accounts.


GET A CLEAR PICTURE OF YOUR RETIREMENT - We’ll get to know you on our platform. What does your dream retirement look like? How much have you saved?
We’ll project your retirement income, provide a plan, and analyze your accounts outside of Betterment.
Our advice is integrated with your goals. See where you stand and how you can stay on track for retirement.


The Complete DIY Finances Handbook
Posted on: Feb 8th 2017

Budgets can be like New Year’s Resolutions – we start them with the best of intentions but after a few months they kind of fall to the wayside and we cross our fingers and pray that nobody asks how we’re progressing. But the unfortunate fact is, putting your head in the sand and ignoring your budget (or lack thereof) won’t make your financial woes disappear.

For many people, it sounds incredibly restrictive to be “tied down” to a budget. I completely get that. And based on your personal financial situation, you may need to set a more restrictive budget at least for the short-term.



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“I needed to do my taxes and I was in debt. They got me out of debt, help me with my taxes and made it really easy for me.”
- Tammy Steffens
“This is the first time I have done my finances and I'm glad about it, because I learned a lot from them. ”
- Steven Garcia
“I had to pay zero taxes with them. They help me with everything and made it super simple for me to learn for the future. ”
- Robert Dardus

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