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We have a wide variety of vehicles, coupes, sedans, compact cars, sports cars, luxury cars, crossovers, SUV and pick-up trucks.

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Starting at $10/day

Auto Insurance

All of cars come with full coverage insurance, because it's not only about the cars, but our clients to.
See Insurance policy in car rental contract
Starting at $15 (Varies by vehicle type)

Flat Tire Service

We would help to replace a flat tire with the good spare, while being outside in the road.

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“I do a lot of business travel and they always have a car available, no matter the city. I love that!”
- Daisy Johnson
“As simple as picking up the phone and ordered a car to be delivered to your house, who can beat that?”
- Mina Sanders
“They have a great customer service! I was about to check out once and I didn't notice I had lost my card, so they work with me and waited until I got the cash to pay them. Thank you Roger at Easy car rental!”
- Andrea Barzini
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