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Bob Davis

Bob grew up in the painting industry. His father owned a service-based painting company but lost it during the market crash. But like a phoenix from the ashes, Mike revived his father's company in 2006 and has continued to build upon his early success. To this day, Avery Painting is still a family-owned business.

Michelle Smith

Director of Operations
Michelle is an expert in customer service and support. Prior to joining Avery Plumbing, John was employee #25 at Zappos. After leaving due to a personal change of heart, John gave Mike a phone call and the rest is history. With a background in electrical engineering and a bachelor's degree from San Francisco University of Arts.




The bad news is electronic damage occurs suddenly and can leave effects instantly. The good news is our certified electronic restoration technicians are at your beck and call, around-the-clock, whenever you need them. We carry state of the art data extraction equipment to save your data as quickly as possible.


Avery Repair offers a wide range of water heater maintenance, repair, and clean-up services to our residential clientele. We pride ourselves in providing expert techniques, cutting edge technology, hassle free customer service paired with upfront, honest, and flat-rate pricing to help you sleep at night.


Over the years, we have developed and maintained a hard-earned reputation as excellent repairmen, adept at a wide array of projects ranging from complete overhaul to quick fixes. But perhaps it is our client-centered approach to every project - large or small - that has led to our industry-leading status.


With over two decades and three generations of work within the appliance repair industry, it's safe to say we’ve earned quite the reputation for being the premier solution in the field. Having things break is never fun and can be stressful - which is why choosing the right partner for your repair project is so important.


5 Things You Never Want a Repairman to Say
Posted on: Nov 13th 2017

There’s certain phrases that make you cringe when you hear them.

Like when your barber says, “oops”.

Well, as it turns out, there’s also some phrases in the independent contracting world that you should make yourself privy of.

We’re going to go over five tell-tale signs of home maintenance contractor scams.

So without further ado, I present:


5 Things You Never Want Your Contractor to Say

1. “I need the money up front to pay for materials”

2. “It looks like your rook is about to cave in”

3. “We just finished resurfacing your neighbor’s driveway and can do yours cheap”



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““When my fridge needed help, Mike and his team was there to listen to my concerns and walk me through every step of the process. Everyone involved was very professional and understanding. I recommend them to all my friends!””
- Daisy Grainer
““I cannot speak highly enough of the way Avery Repair treated me and my family. The service is quality and their attention to detail is world-class. We have definitely found our new go-to repairmen!””
- Phillip Townsend
““Experienced, knowledgeable, and highly professional. I couldn't have asked for more. Their service was kind, respectful, and customer-oriented and the after-purchase support has been a breath of fresh air.””
- John Williams

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